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If we are used at workplace, or at your home, You use your personal computers for keeping a whole lot of individual and confidential information. From important files to those important family trip photographs, almost everything is stashed on our HDD. Thus it is vitally important in order that this data is secured against all unauthorized access. Encryption keeps you safe. Encryption protects your financial details and passwords if you bank online. If you encrypt your laptop computer, I hope you do. It protects our data when a laptop or computer is stolen. It protects our money and our privacy. Security is a lot more than encryption, naturally. But encryption is actually a critical component of security. You use potent encryption every day, and our Internet-laced world will be a much riskier place if you didn't. For this reason, to protect and secure our info on any laptop or computer or while transferring information from one computer to another we utilize encryption techniques. Encryption is really a means of converting a normal data into the data which isn't recognized by any trespasser without a key. Encryption uses many techniques like AES, serpent, two fish etc. So, it is very important to encrypt the computer data. How to choose the . Today, we'll be helping you in choosing the best Encryption software suited to your wants. idoo File Encryption Pro is a powerful and simple to use file encryption software designed to help you effortlessly lock and hide data on your hard drive in order to prevent unwanted access. This File Encryption uses 256-bit AES encryption to secure your data located either on the hard disk drive or any portable media just like flash drive. It has two different modes to defend files or folders. The first is to create a file of self-extracting format, whose file extension is "exe". The file is often opened on any PC simply by inputting the correct security password. Another one is to make a file with a "gfl" extension that can only be opened on computer installed idoo File Encryption. You may decide a proper option to suit your requirements. But this is definitely not all. We've packed this Encryption Software with brilliant additional abilities you'll find incredibly helpful. For instance, if someone else attempts to log in over and over without the proper password, you receive an e-mail alert. Meanwhile, the software program shuts down in order to stop further attempts. Furthermore we give you a unique ability to fully keep an eye on all your personal documents and hard drives. You receive a comprehensive report on all accesses to files and also the running of programs. One quick check helps you discover if any unauthorised access has taken place. You could immediately follow up and block access before extensive damage could take place. idoo Encryption Software works easily and smoothly on virtually any Windows operating system in current use. No matter if you need firm defense for the corporate and business network or just wish to secure the financial documents on your home computer, idoo works perfectly to make your files and hard drives completely secured.

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